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Entry #1

Doujin Game : Resurrection

6/19/13 by XTC-Project
Updated 6/20/13

Hello everyone !
XTC is now on NewGrounds and we're glad to share our work with you.
This post won't be here only to tell you that we joined this community but also that we're currently into a "big" project.
This project is "Resurrection", a video game we're developping with the best we can do... so it's gonna be a simple 2D adventure game, but not a real "masterpiece" x)
(Actually we are a programmer and a graphist (me), a level-designer and a dubber so it goes slowly)

Here's the story: In a land where humans and zombies live together, humans want to conquer all of territories. They killed all zombies to take their land but... A little undead girl misteriously survived to the attack and wants nothing except vengeance. She plans to kill all humans and recovers all zombie's souls to rebuild her village.

You have just to wait while we're developping it !~
Have a nice day.

Doujin Game : Resurrection


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